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Due to high demand we are only booking new clients from areas to the west of Leicester, ie: Markfield, Groby, Glenfield, Anstey etc. Please include a postcode when making an enquiry.

Home visits in Leicester Coalville, Loughborough Markfield, Glenfield, Groby Anstey, Market Bosworth Desford, Nailstone Newbold Verdon and more

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Due to high demand are only booking new clients in  Markfield, Groby, Glenfield, Anstey and areas to the west of Leicester.

Please include a postcode when making an enquiry.


Chiropody that's tailored to your needs

I strive to go the 'extra mile' for my customers. I believe in giving all my clients a personal service that is tailored to their needs. Whether you're looking for treatment advice or would like to recommend a friend for a foot assessment, I'll be glad to help.

Why Chiropody/Podiatry?

People spend a great deal of time on their feet, which is why they are so important. Feet are one of the key aspects to mobility and independence. Therefore it's important to take care of the feet, examined on a regular basis to control and prevent foot disorders.

Why use a mobile chiropodist?

Many people find it more convenient and flexible to receive chiropody/ podiatry services in their home. It saves the trouble and expense of getting to a clinic. Regular appointments can be booked in advance if required, giving you the peace of mind that your feet will be kept in excellent condition.