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Due to high demand we are only booking new clients from areas to the west of Leicester, ie: Markfield, Groby, Glenfield, Anstey etc. Please include a postcode when making an enquiry.

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Due to high demand are only booking new clients in  Markfield, Groby, Glenfield, Anstey and areas to the west of Leicester.

Please include a postcode when making an enquiry.



We are able to offer a complete range of foot care treatments. Including:


A Podiatrist / Chiropodist is a qualified person who treats a wide variety of foot related problems. Regulated by The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). The professional is obliged to re register every 2 years. Also promising to keep up to date with new skills and methods. You can check on line your professional is registered. Go to


Gordon has over 20 years experience of Bio Mechanics.Previous satisfied clients include Long Distance Runners, golfers, & footballers. For anybody suffering pain and discomfort. An assessment of gait, posture can indicate the cause of the pain. thence a solution can be offered to correct this. The most common solution is the use of orthotics in the shoes or trainers. Coupled with exercises for the lower limb.


Orthotics can be provided off the shelf, which are a very good product for the price. Ideal for young people whose feet are still growing. For the adult foot and longer lying problems, Made to measure Orthotics can be supplied from the Laboratory. The correct orthotics can support the foot, realign the ankle knee and hip joints. The orthotics can improve posture alleviating pain in the lower back.


Corns and Callouses are commonly found on the soles and toes of the feet. Wherever there is pressure or friction. The corns and callouses are made of hard dead compacted layers of skin. Both can be removed painlessly immediately. Giving relief from pain and discomfort. Unless the cause is rectified, corn and callouses can return, needing regular treatment to alleviate the symptoms.


People are often embarassed or suffer in silence, long, thickened nails. These conditions are easily treatable with cutting, drilling and filing the nails to a more aesthetic look.


Recommendation, is the removal of the offending piece of nail, then treatment for any infection that is often present with antibiotics. Ingrowing toenails are often painful to touch, throb, and the surrounding tissue may be inflamed.


Foot comlications are common in patients with diabetes. The feet are considered to be "at risk". Sensitivity to pain is decreased or absent. The healing process can be impaired. The feet are susceptible to various infections ranging from fungal, viral and bacterial. Thus regular appointments are vital to keep the feet in good repair. Professional help should be sought for nail cutting, remove corns and hard skin debridement.


Verrucae are a viral conditon similar to warts. It is caused by the Humano Papilloma Virus. Verrucas can be painful. Usually a small round raised lump with "Black dots". These can be treated in a number of ways. Laser, Freezing, Acid based compounds. Usually painless treatments, but may need a course of treatment to resolve the problem. A consultation with a Podiatrist / Chiropodist is recommended to determine a suitable treatment.

If we are unable to help we will always do our utmost to direct you to someone who can.


Fees: Routine treatment £26.00

Residential and nursing homes discounts may apply please contact us for details.